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Pictures of the world on fire won't shock us for much longer | Mark O'Connell

The Australia bushfire photos are already hardening hearts towards those in the midst of itNot so long ago, one of the reigning cliches around the subject of climate crisis was that it was a "looming catastrophe". The situation was urgent, yes, and catastrophe was more or less imminent, but when people talked about it they mostly stuck to the future tense. It's hard to identify the precise moment when the crisis moved from the horizon of popular imagination to the immediate foreground, but the spectacle in recent weeks of a continent in flames feels like a clear indication that the time of looming has ended and the catastrophe proper has commenced.The other day I messaged an Australian friend, a volunteer firefighter in Melbourne who had spent the week between Christmas and new year in East Gippsland, where thousands of people have been evacuated from their homes. After informing me she was home and safe, and requesting that I arrange for some Irish rain to be redirected down there, she sent me a photo she had taken on the job: an image of a narrow dusty road leading toward low hills dotted with trees, behind which the sky itself was a vast inferno of dark smoke and glowing flame. I stared at her photo for a long time, and kept returning to it all that day. Continue reading...
Zdroj: The Guardian

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