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The Guardian view on river swimming: stuck in the mud | Editorial

Outdoor bathing is enjoying a resurgence and those responsible for water quality must clean up their actNot until May will the outdoor swimmers of Ilkley, in Yorkshire, find out whether their application for a section of the River Wharfe to become an officially designated bathing area has been accepted. But whatever happens next, their lively campaign has put river swimming on the nature lover's map. Over recent years, open-air swimming in the sea, lakes and pools has enjoyed a resurgence in Britain, driven by warmer temperatures as well as enthusiasm. But until now there has not been a single river formally designated a bathing area, with the water kept clean and regularly checked over the summer months - as already happens at many beaches and some lakes.In many parts of the country, the seaside is the logical destination for pleasure-seekers or fitness enthusiasts wanting to get wet, or paddle and picnic by the water's edge. Some of those living further from the coast, or in cities and towns, may have an accessible lake, pond or lido. But for others, the nearest waterway is a river, which is why the claim being staked by the people of Ilkley to their right to bathe safely is such a valuable test case. Continue reading...
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