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Let's get out of our silos and meet in the middle | Yael Stone's 2020s vision

The common sense of shared survival will be enough for us to come together and push for powerful action on climate changeAbout this seriesHow should we stare down the challenges of a new decade? Where will we find hope and solutions? In this series we ask prominent Australians to write about one thing they think could improve the nation in the 2020sCommon sense exists. It is powerful, and what's more, it's ours to reclaim. The greatest trick pulled this millennia was convincing citizens that common sense doesn't belong to us. Attacks on truth and logic have pushed us further into our little corners, afraid to engage. We've been robbed of our common sense and without it there's no way to meet in the middle. Continue reading...
Zdroj: The Guardian

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Institut Cirkulární Ekonomiky
6. 2020
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Institut Cirkulární Ekonomiky
6. 2020
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