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Life in the 'poultry capital' of Wales: enough is enough, say overwhelmed residents

Powys now has more than 100 large-scale intensive chicken farms, with 60 times as many chickens as people in the countyIndustrial-sized pig and chicken farming continuing to rise in UKDarrell Shephard and his family had been living in Berriew, a small village in rural Powys, for 12 years when the owners of Groes-y-Garreg farm, just up the road, put in a planning application to be allowed to raise 100,000 chickens."There are 14 family homes within 500 metres, and ours is 300 metres from the farm, which is traditionally a dairy," Shephard told the Guardian. "I understand why many farmers need to diversify, but I had no idea about intensive chicken farming until it came to my doorstep. This isn't farming, it's a large, busy 24/7 automated factory." Continue reading...
Zdroj: The Guardian

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