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One reason why people of color are dying at higher rates in the US? The air they breathe | Mustafa Santiago Ali

As deaths in communities of color continue to rise, the EPA has suspended enforcement of anti-pollution regulations - making people more susceptible Coronavirus - live US updatesLive global updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageTo be a person of color in America often means to be unseen and unheard. It means taking on the burdens of disproportionate impacts from pollution, wealth disparities, lack of healthcare and much more. In many cases these burdens begin at your birth and never fully end until you take your last breath.For too long our most vulnerable communities have been suffering in silence, putting on a brave face and accepting the trauma and stressors of systemic racism and discriminatory policies. The Covid-19 pandemic has laid this reality bare. Continue reading...
Zdroj: The Guardian

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25. května 2020

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