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A swallow puts an end to our isolation

Common pursuits | Lockdown wisdom | Chartered physiotherapists | The Lord of the Rings | Swallow sightingI hope the LSE academics suggesting that some folk are embracing more common pursuits such as football in their Who's Who entries (16 April) examined what the entrants actually submitted. I recall completing an entry to one biographical yearbook and stating my interest in "rugby league football". When published, it said my interests were "rugby, league football". I am convinced that my reduced majority at the next election was down to the belief that I was into rugby union and soccer.David HinchliffeLabour MP for Wakefield, 1987-2005o So, the people were wise enough to decide the complex matter of Brexit, yet lack the wisdom to distinguish between planning for ending lockdown and actually ending lockdown (Editorial, 16 April)?David MarcerMaisemore, Gloucestershire Continue reading...
Zdroj: The Guardian

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