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It's time for golf clubs to open their gates | Letters

Courses could offer valuable green space for those living in built-up areas to exercise during the Covid-19 lockdown, writes Jane Gomm, while Guy Shrubsole thinks private schools should do the same with their groundsWe are being urged to do what we can to help the NHS during the coronavirus crisis by exercising once a day, close to home, and respecting physical distancing. While there are many uplifting stories of communities coming together, as a golf club member I am not aware of many golf courses currently closed for golfing activities opening to the general public during the shutdown (Lockdown is nothing new. We've been kept off the land for centuries, 22 April). In many built-up areas they are the largest green spaces around, and could relieve the pressure on overcrowded parks and pavements.Most golf clubs seem to have been happy to use taxpayers' money in order to furlough most of their staff, while not reducing subscriptions for members. I am aware that golf clubs are seen by some as the preserve of the rich and privileged. Continue reading...
Zdroj: The Guardian

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