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Country diary: following the wiming paths of greenfinches

Totley Moor, South Yorkshire: The birds have gone from the garden, but they are thriving in the gorse on Wimble Holme HillCaught between the requirement to stay close to home and an irresistible urge to move, we are pacing out our local patch with renewed interest. This brought us on a sunny Sunday morning to the foot of Wimble Holme Hill. The name is a delight: the root of Wimble has been offered as "wime", a dialect word meaning to take a circuitous route. Streams wime. Bees wime. And when confronted with the alarmingly steep slope of Wimble Holme Hill, so do humans, who most usually take the narrow road that loops to the north at a more reasonable angle.We, on the other hand, were up for a challenge and took the hill direct, which brought us immediately to a tangle of gorse. Here I stopped, not to catch my breath - we'd hardly started - but to listen to the rasping call of a greenfinch. Continue reading...
Zdroj: The Guardian

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25. května 2020

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