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Kraftwerk's vision of computer love | Brief letters

Florian Schneider obituary | Insects | Cuckoos are back | San Serriffe | Love Island Florian Schneider's music was uncannily prophetic as well as transcendent (Obituary, 7 May). For instance, Kraftwerk's beautiful Computer Love predicted how, in the future, intimacy would increasingly occur through technology. Of course, during the present emergency, the closest many lovers come to being together is by using a virtual medium.Joe McCarthyDublino On a recent essential car journey from home to London, mainly on the M1, it was not only noticeable how few cars were on the road but also, as I returned home in the evening, how many more dead insects there were on my windscreen. Is one upside of the lockdown and reduction in car travel an apparent recovery in insect numbers, and will this be sustained?Prof Michael SymondsLoughborough, Leicestershire Continue reading...
Zdroj: The Guardian

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