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Imagine the UK getting rid of road rage, congestion and exhaust fumes for ever | Susanna Rustin

Britain is a latecomer to decarbonising transport but changes under lockdown and initiatives abroad could spark a revolutionCoronavirus - latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageIt was a grim irony that the best transport news in ages was buried in the first few days of the coronavirus lockdown. On 26 March, the government published a document, Decarbonising Transport, which went further in facing up to the problem of emissions from air and vehicle traffic than most campaigners had dared to hope for.The challenge is enormous. In 2016, transport overtook energy to become the single biggest source of domestic emissions. Motor vehicles on their own are responsible for around a fifth of the total. On aviation, the UK is the world's third-worst polluter, behind China and the US. Continue reading...
Zdroj: The Guardian

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