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Noticing nature is the greatest gift you can get from lockdown | Lucy Jones

Summer holidays abroad look doomed, but there is comfort and reward to be found just by being curious about your surroundingsIt's likely that we will all be spending time in our local areas for the foreseeable future and taking our holidays in our home countries rather than abroad. Could we bring to these experiences the same kind of curiosity we might feel when visiting a different city or landscape? Is it possible to find dynamism and novelty in our parks, streets and woodlands?During lockdown, I've come to know my nearest green spaces - my favourite a wild but urban cemetery - more deeply and gratefully. Instead of becoming bored, as I imagined I might, I've found that my local natural areas feel like new destinations each day, even by the hour, for nature is in constant flux. Bird songs are richest at dawn and dusk. The wild garlic smells stronger when the soil is warm. The nettles glow Kermit-green when the sun is low in the sky. The scarlet pimpernel shows itself when light and humidity are just so. Continue reading...
Zdroj: The Guardian

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