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Lakeland fells shimmer in the heat haze: Country diary, 18 May 1970

18 May 1970 Dust rose from the scree runs, and the rocks were warm to the touch, while on the tops people were dozing in the sunshine THE LAKE DISTRICT: The easiest way up Great Gable for the infirm or lazy is from a parked car on top of Honister Pass - a gently undulating walk of about three miles, with less than two thousand feet of ascent and the reward of changing views every few hundred yards. The other day I passed an old gentleman of perhaps 80 pottering along quite comfortably in the sunshine and I've no doubt 4 year-olds - with the inducement of some small reward - could do it. It is, though, rather a dry walk on a warm day, with few sizeable becks and no opportunity for a quick bathe - unless you seek out the pools on Grey Knotts - so that the distant views of lakes and tarns are particularly tantalising. Related: Country diary: Lake District, Great Gable Continue reading...
Zdroj: The Guardian

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