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Country diary: revelling in the sight and sound of rooks | Country diary

Harlech, Gwynedd: Sometimes the best neighbours are noisy and shrill, and enjoy the occasional squabbleThe leaves on the ash trees at the foot of my garden are open now, pale green fans of foliage unfurled to give shelter and privacy to the dozen nests at the small rookery that has been establishing here over the past few years in this scattered "rook parish". The corvids' nesting season this year has coincided quite closely with the Covid-19 lockdown, so I've not needed to travel far for daily nature study.Rooks are noisy, shrill and squabbling birds, but they make interesting neighbours. In March they were as John Clare describes them: "The crow will tumble up and down / At the first sight of spring." Beyond that pairing phase, they settled into an industrious round of nest selection and repair, copulation and incubation. Continue reading...
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11. srpna 2020

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