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Labor's climate wars truce is cause for hope, as long as it doesn't lead to bipartisan inaction | Frank Jotzo

Taken at face value, Anthony Albanese's intervention throws a positive challenge to the governmentAustralia has been in the climate wars since late 2009 when Tony Abbott rolled Malcolm Turnbull and made the pursuit of no climate policy a hallmark of Australian conservative politics. It has been an all-out battle at many points, simmering conflict at others. Investor confidence has been one of the casualties.Now it appears that the Labor party is offering a truce. The opposition leader, Anthony Albanese, offered the PM to "agree on an energy investment framework that will deliver the modernisation of our energy system". Labor wants a "flexible and enduring" policy model that can adapt to different emissions targets and says it is agnostic about which policy instrument would deliver this. Continue reading...
Zdroj: The Guardian

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