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'Seeing the trees being ripped down is really hard': meet a father and son protesting against HS2

The controversial HS2 route slices through some of England's most precious woodland. But standing in its way are father and son Larch and Seb Maxey. They explain why living 30ft off the ground in precarious treehouses has brought them closer togetherAttach it to the edge," instructs Seb. "What I recommend you do is..." replies Larch. As they pass each other tools and hold up timber, tacks and a tarpaulin, Larch and Seb Maxey look like any other father and son spending lockdown on a DIY project together.The difference is that they are 30ft up an ash tree, building a treehouse in a wood surrounded by the thunder of the construction of the high-speed rail link between London and Birmingham. As the ash sways, Larch, who is 47 but looks younger, and Seb, 19, work carefully and harmoniously, balanced on a 2m sq platform of flooring joists, ingeniously suspended using cheap blue "polyprop" rope. This homespun operation is a last attempt to halt the massive engineering juggernaut that is HS2, which the Prime Minister expects to cost more than ?100bn. Continue reading...
Zdroj: The Guardian

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10. srpna 2020

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