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Trump wants to put a rightwing zealot in charge of public land. Here's why it matters | Cas Mudde

William Perry Pendley, Trump's nominee to lead the Bureau of Land Management, has ties to anti-environment and anti-government forcesOn 26 June, Donald Trump announced that he plans to nominate William Perry Pendley to lead the Bureau of Land Management. That may not sound like big news, but it is. First of all, the office manages one-tenth of the United States' land mass and, therefore, massive amounts of fossil fuels. Second, Pendley is linked to two little-known but very dangerous political movements: the so-called Wise Use movement and the anti-government extremists sometimes called constitutionalists or sovereign citizens.The appointment should not come as a total surprise. Wise Use advocates, who are fiercely opposed to almost any environmental protection laws, have long had exceptional access to the Trump administration. In 2017, Lars Larson, a "journalist" from the alternative rightwing media sphere, crystallized the attitude of the Wise Use movement with a comment he made to then press secretary Sean Spicer: Continue reading...
Zdroj: The Guardian

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5. srpna 2020

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