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Our world is facing irreversible destruction - and still there's no urgency in Australian climate policy | Lenore Taylor

The Guardian is prioritising the environment both in editorial and commercial decisions. We know the situation is dire but that the worst can yet be avertedFor Australians, the national trauma of fires burning through 18 million hectares of bushland earlier this year is raw and ongoing. But since then the US west coast and Siberia have also burned. China, Bangladesh, India and parts of Africa have suffered catastrophic flooding. Death Valley recorded possibly the highest ever temperature on Earth, at 54.4C. In February the Antarctic temperature rose above 20C for the first time. In March the Great Barrier Reef suffered its third mass bleaching in five years. In June it was 38C inside the Arctic Circle.None of these events can be attributed entirely to global heating, but scientists are clear that their frequency and ferocity are signs of impending climate catastrophe, of irreversible destruction. What they have warned of for decades is coming to pass. Continue reading...
Zdroj: The Guardian

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