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From the archive: 1960s London prepares for a flooded capital

Tidal waves and flooded sewers, sinking buildings and Nasa computers... How London was preparing for rising waters in 1967There was some brazenly fake news on the cover of the Observer Magazine of 19 November 1967 with the headline, 'Thames tidal wave swamps London'. Turns out this was a mock front page to give an idea of 'what might happen if the tides and weather combine to overcome London's vulnerable flood defences'.There had been warnings. In 1928, people in basement flats in Westminster and Hammersmith were drowned in their beds. The North Sea flood of 1953 caused the deaths of 300 people along the east coast of England. The Waverley Committee recommended a 'structure across the Thames' in 1954, but this was 'swiftly eliminated' in favour of a 'retractable barrier'. But in 1967 'not a single brick has so far been laid'. (Thames Barrier construction began in 1974.) Continue reading...
Zdroj: The Guardian

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