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Captured on film: Americans' deadly love for tigers

Steve Winter, commended for his photographs of US private 'zoos', reveals the dark side of Netflix's Tiger KingMore tigers are now held in captivity in the United States than survive in the wild in Asia. That is the grim statistic that underpins Americans' growing appetites for posing for pictures with big cats and their offspring, a desire that is today being met by thousands of tigers that are caged and displayed in private roadside zoos across the US.Young tigers are taken from their mothers just after their birth and bottle fed and handled by humans. Then they are used as props until they are about 12 weeks old when they become too dangerous to hold. Many develop bone and joint problems because they were removed so early from the adult female and not given proper nutrition. At the same time, mother tigers are returned to cages to provide future supplies of cubs. "This is done repeatedly," says wildlife photographer Steve Winter. "It's inhumane." Continue reading...
Zdroj: The Guardian

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