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The Guardian view on Boris Johnson's Cop26: ask if GDP growth is sustainable | Editorial

The government needs an environmental sense of purpose that specifies the appropriate ends for economic activitySaving the planet ought to be a goal for, not a cost to, humanity. Yet this insight appears lost in the discussion about the climate emergency. Last week, it emerged that the Treasury was thinking about levying a UK-wide carbon tax. This approach, it was suggested, could be sold as a way of "raising revenue while cutting emissions". Properly targeted taxes can change behaviour. But "revenue raising" green policies invariably end up being valued by the amount of taxes they produce rather than on their effectiveness in combating the climate crisis. UK governments have frozen fuel duties for a decade because it is politically easier to rake in cash than deter driving.A carbon tax is superficially appealing. The Treasury desires taxes to offset government spending. No 10 would like to align, rhetorically, with the green agenda. But without careful thought a carbon levy could backfire. A maladroit attempt to tax fuel on environmental grounds kindled France's gilets jaunes (yellow vests) protests. Continue reading...
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