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Tree of the week: the crab apple tree that makes booze

This owners of this tree think of it as an old woman who keeps changing clothes - and has a sideline in liqueur ...Annie Frazer moved into her home in Minneapolis, Minnesota, a year ago and was immediately smitten with the crab apple tree that lives in her garden. "We've not been together that long, but we love her," she says. "She's gorgeous."The former linguist, 52, who is originally from Sheffield, lives with her husband, Greg, and their teenage son, Benjie. She loves how the tree blooms a deep pink for two weeks in May - a brief but impressive transformation. "It's a stunner. Behind it is a very large cottonwood tree, so just after the crab apple has blossomed, there's cotton that floats all around the place. It's really lovely." Continue reading...
Zdroj: The Guardian

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