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Deadly impact of upstream pollution: Country diary, 18 April 1921

18 April 1921 The coastguard told us that all the fish in the stream running down to the sea had suddenly died in the nightNorth CornwallThere has been a wretched mishap in the vale which runs down to the sea between the great caverned rocks. Through this vale, celebrated for its beautiful nestling village, its old church and nunnery, its plume-like elms housing a rookery, its banks of primroses and violets and ferns, there runs a charming little trout-stream. Not long ago the owner had added to the stock some 600 young fish, and all was well till this week, when one morning, looking into the clear water, we saw a small trout lying with its silver belly upwards at the bottom of the stream. Related: Very few of world's rivers undamaged by humanity, study finds Continue reading...
Zdroj: The Guardian

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