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COP26 will be most important summit ever, but the UK's leadership is already falling short | Kate Blagojevic

From fossil fuels to carbon offsetting, the British government must practise what it preaches if it is to inspire others to step upThis summer alone has seen scorching heat domes smother parts of the US and Canada with record temperatures, and blistering heatwaves sweep across Pakistan. Torrential rain has caused devastating floods in China, as well as India, Germany, Belgium and Austria. And while fires are raging in Siberia, Madagascar is experiencing the world's first ever famine caused solely by the climate crisis. Even here in the UK, the first ever extreme heat warnings were issued earlier this week.New extreme weather events linked to the climate crisis have become rolling news. Their destruction and death tolls are a daily reminder that the UK-hosted Cop26 this autumn isn't just the most important climate conference ever held, but the most important international summit ever. Continue reading...
Zdroj: The Guardian

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