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Safer swimming for people and wildlife

Margaret Dickinson on improving schools' swimming curriculum. Isabella Stone and Richard Harley on splashing about among endangered wildlifeI am concerned by calls for increased regulation and restrictions that could affect the many people who swim safely in lakes and rivers (Loch Lomond: calls for safety measures after four people drown, 26 July).If the relevant authorities can afford to deploy extra lifeguards and patrols, it would be welcome, but if they can't, the alternative should not be to restrict access to water. Rather, we should think of improving the swimming or wellbeing curriculum in schools so that all children not only learn to swim but are also introduced to dark water and learn about tides and currents. This knowledge will not only help to keep them safe, but can also feed into their understanding of geography and physics. Margaret DickinsonLondon Continue reading...
Zdroj: The Guardian

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