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The climate crisis is an accelerating calamity of our own making. So what would it take to turn things around? | Lesley Hughes

Vote. Divest. Plant trees. Recycle. Remove fossil fuel subsidies. Go renewable. We don't need to accept the inevitable demise of life on the planetImagine if scientists had just informed the world that there was a huge meteor heading our way that would likely wipe out life as we knew it. Or if the sun started doing really dangerous and frightening things that were likely to fry us. What would we do? Party like there was really no tomorrow? Or just crawl under the doona to wait out the inevitable?The silver lining to the climate change catastrophe is that it's not caused by a meteor, or the sun. It's us. And because we've caused it, and we know how, we can fix it - or at least slow it down a lot. Continue reading...
Zdroj: The Guardian

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