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How wine is adapting to the climate crisis | Fiona Beckett on drink

Our changing climate is forcing winemakers to adapt with earlier harvests and hardier grapes. Here is a sample of labels that can stand the heatFew could fail to be shocked by the apocalyptic scenes of wildfires raging around the world. When homes and lives are at stake, the survival of vineyards might not seem that important, but they, too, represent livelihoods and families that go back generations. And even without tinderbox conditions, temperatures in the 40Cs don't suit wine, which means that climate change is presenting a massive challenge for the industry.Many don't have a choice, but bigger estates can, and do, look for cooler sites. In Argentina, for example, vineyards are being established progressively higher up the Andes, while in Chile winemakers are pushing farther towards the coast for much the same reason. Continue reading...
Zdroj: The Guardian

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