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Clean Sky Joint Technology initiative

Clean Sky Joint Technology initiative

Market outlook and expectations from the major civil aviation companies have highlighted the need to develop a new generation of efficient and competitive propulsion systems integrated within aircrafts.

These new engines must achieve challenging objectives, particularly in terms of tackling fuel consumption. In order to make their development possible and produce these new engines, we will require research on new architectural concepts and technologies.

To identify innovative architectures within the 7th European Framework Programme (2007-2013), driven by the largest aeronautical companies, the Clean Sky Joint Technology initiative was established. This has led to the formation of a consortium focused on the development of large-scale research initiatives, to achieve the Advisory Council for Aeronautics Research in Europe (ACARE) 2020 targets. The consortium's objective is to explore new technologies for environmentally-friendly aeronautical products with lower emissions and fuel consumption, as well as an improved eco-design and a better coordinated process focused on a wide range of applications for future commercial uses. These include medium-to-long range aircraft, regional jets, helicopters, engines, systems and equipment. Furthermore, the initiative integrates the research activities of European industries with leading partners in universities, research centres and SMEs.

Clean Sky is based on six integrated technology platforms. It expects to complete five projects/prototypes aimed at the same number of engines. More on: www.avioaero.com

ZDROJ: www.avioaero.com

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