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European Year of Greener Cities 2020

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European Year of Greener Cities 2020

On 8 November, the ENVI committee will consider the above motion for a resolution. The "European Year of Greener Cities 2020" is an initiative of a platform of European NGOs consisting of organisations covering issues ranging from children, disabled people and elderly people's rights to allergy and asthma sufferers, sports organisations, environmental groups and citizens' organisations.

The draft motion for resolution points out that the majority of the population lives in cities and that these cities are faced with great challenges, underlines the benefits of green infrastructure to the environment, human health, well-being and social encounters, biodiversity, air quality, noise levels resistance to adverse weather phenomena and flooding, and to the financial value of property; links green infrastructure to the achievement of Paris Agreement and Sustainable Development Goals; calls upon the Commission to devise a European plan for greener cities to address the above challenges; proposes the designation of the year 2020 as a European Year of Greener Cities and describes the aims of that year; highlights the importance of promoting and enabling citizen participation in the greening of urban areas; and finally urges the Commission to continue supporting ambitious measures of energy and resource efficiency by securing adequate funding to this end."
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