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Tendr - udržitelný management

Tendr - udržitelný management
Anatolia Watershed Rehabilitation Stav tendru: návrh projektu Banka: Světová banka Datum uzávěrky: neuvedeno Datum posledni zmeny: 15.02.2002 Země: Turkey Popis: Anatolia Watershed Rehabilitation: The objective of the project is to support sustainable natural resource management and poverty reduction in degraded watersheds in Anatolia and along the Black Sea Coast. This would be achieved by: a) improving the productivity of range, forest and farmland; b) promoting increased income from more intensive farm activities to replace the traditional over-exploitation of natural resources; c) encouraging responsibility of local communities in planning and management of shared resources; d) increasing the use of environmentally friendly agricultural practices, thereby reducing nutrient discharge, particularly from agricultural sources, to the Black Sea; e) strengthening national policy and local regulatory capacity to meet European Union standards for agricultural nutrient pollution control; and f) building capacity and promoting a broad public awareness program and replication strategy. The project will be executed in the Anatolia watersheds of Seyhan: (Adana, Kayseri and Nigde provinces), Ceyhan (Kahramanmaras, Adana and Osmaniye provinces), and Goksu (Mersin, Konya and Karaman provinces), and in two watersheds discharging significant amounts of nutrients into the Black Sea: Kizilirmak (Kayseri, Sivas and Tokat provinces) and Yesilirmak (Sivas, Tokat, Amasya and Corum provinces). It is estimated that in these watersheds about 55 microcatchments (subwatersheds) can be rehabilitated with the proposed funding. Project preparation is under way. Environmental Assessment Category B. PID: TRPE70950. US$ 32.0 (IBRD). Consulting services to be determined. Undersecretariat of Treasury, Inonu Bulvari, Emek, 06530 Ankara, Turkey, Tel: (90-312) 213-0297, Fax: (90-312) 212-8737, Email: hazine@hazine.gov.tr, Contact: Ms. Aysen Kulakoglu, Head, World Bank Projects; General Directorate of Afforestation and Erosion Control, Ministry of Forestry, Gazi Tesisleri No. 11, Sogutozu, Ankara, Turkey, Tel: (90-312) 212 5596, Fax: (90-312) 212-5532, Contact: Planning and Coordination Department; General Directorate of Production and Development, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, Tel: (90-312) 418-5982, Fax: (90-312) 417-0026, Contact: Mr. Eyup Koksal, Project Coordinator; General Directorate Control and Protection, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, Contact: Aldulmecit Yesil; General Directorate of Rural Affairs, Tel: (90-312) 287-8092, Fax: (90-312) 287-8091, Contact: Mr. Hasan Balaban, Department Head; Foreign Relations Department, Ministry of Environment, Tel: (90-312) 287-9963 Ext. 4113, Fax: (90-312) 285-3739, Contact: Ms. Guzin Arat
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