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Tendr - Projekt energetiky, vodohospodářství a sanitace

Tendr - Projekt energetiky, vodohospodářství a sanitace
Cape Verde Energy, Water and Sanitation Project/Wastewater Treatment Reuse System Stav tendru: výzva k předkvalifikaci Banka: Světová banka Datum uzávěrky: 30.06.2002 Popis: Projekt energetiky, vodohospodářství a sanitace: *kanalizace - systém nakládání s odpadními vodami a jejich opětné zpracování: inženýrink, obstaravatelská činnost, výstavba, kontrakt na klíč pro čistírnu odpadních vod Praia, při zachování standardů hygieny, veřejného zdraví a minimalizace ekologických dopadů. ENERGY, WATER AND SANITATION PROJECT WASTEWATER TREATMENT REUSE SYSTEM Country: Cape Verde Sector: Water Supply/Sanitation Development Business Print Edition, Issue Number: 581 Issue Date: 30 April 2002 Loan/Credit Number: Credit No. 3205-CV Contract/Bid Number: Invitation for prequalification Deadline: 30 June 2002 This invitation for prequalification follows the general procurement notice for this project that appeared in UN Development Business No. 521 of 31 October 1999. The Government of the Republic of Cape Verde has received a credit from the International Development Association toward the cost of the Energy, Water and Sanitation Program, and it intends to apply part of the credit proceeds to payments under the contract for the Wastewater Treatment Reuse System in Praia. The Management Unit of the Energy, Water and Sanitation Program and the Utility for Power and Water Supply, ELECTRA-SA, intends to prequalify contractors for Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC), contract to be awarded under turnkey, for the Wastewater Treatment Plant of the city of Praia, aiming at introducing advanced treatments (secondary and tertiary phases) in order to achieve more stringent requirements by taking into account: The need of fulfillment of hygiene and public health standards The reuse of Praia’s treated wastewater The minimization of the environmental impacts, including noise and smell, in the surrounding residential and commercial areas It is expected that invitations to bid will be made in July - August 2002. Prequalification will be conducted through prequalification procedures specified in the World Bank’s Guidelines: Procurement under IBRD Loans and IDA Credits, January 1995 (revised January and August 1996, September 1997 and January 1999), and is open to all bidders from eligible source countries, as defined in the guidelines. Interested eligible bidders may obtain further information from and inspect the prequalification documents at the Programa Energia, Agua e Saneamento from 0800 to 1800 hours during working days. A complete set of prequalification documents in English may be purchased by interested bidders on the submission of a written application to the address below and upon payment of a non-refundable fee of CVEsc 35,000 or an equivalent amount in a convertible foreign currency. The method of payment will be cashier’s checks, direct deposit or bank transfer to “Direcçăo-Geral do Tesouro\", bank account No. 10636245, Tesouro Orçamento do Estado, Banco Comercial do Atlântico. The document will be sent by express mail and/or by electronic mail. Applications for prequalification should be submitted in sealed envelopes, delivered to the address below by 30 June 2002 and be clearly marked \"Application to prequalify for the Project Wastewater Treatment Reuse System in PRAIA\". Contact Programa Energia, Água e Saneamento. Unidade de Coordenaçăo. Attn: Dr. Ing. Inácio Pereira. CP 145, Várzea. Avenida Cidade de Lisboa. Prédio \"Bô Casa\", 3 Andar. Praia, Cape Verde. E-mail: peas2@cvtelecom.cv publikováno: 18.04.2002
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