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Tendr - Rekonstrukce čistírny odpadních vod

Tendr - Rekonstrukce čistírny odpadních vod
Romania ISPA-MELF Program - Arad Municipality - Rehabilitation of the Wastewater Treatment Plant Stav tendru: vypsaný tendr Banka: Evropská banka Datum uzávěrky: 08.10.2002 Klíčová slova: čistírny odpadních vod Popis: *Rekonstrukce čistírny odpadních vod v municipalitě Arad, kofinancování: rekonstrukce dešťové nádrže, nová linka pro recyklaci dešťové vody, nová vtoková čerpací stanice, filtrační komory a souvisící zařízení (odstraňování písku a mazu, promývání písku atd.), komora pro anerobní nádrže, anerobní nádrže, anoxické nádrže, aerační nádrže a čerpadla pro vratný kal, modifikace profukovací komory, distribuční komora pro finální čištění, finální čistění, promývání, čerpací stanice pro promývání, vratné kaly a přebytečné kaly, odvodňování kalů a souvisící zařízení pro skladování, SCADA systém a napojení na hlavní dodávku elektřiny. Project name ISPA-MELF Program - Arad Municipality Rehabilitation of the Wastewater Treatment Plant Business sector Municipal and Environmental Infrastructure Type of contract Works Type of notice Invitation for Tenders Issue date 19 July This Invitation for Tenders follows the General Procurement Notice for the project, which was published on the EBRDs Web site on 22 April 2002. Central Finance and Contract Unit under the Ministry of Finance as the Employer and, Regia Autonoma Apa-Canal Arad (R.A.A.C.) as the Employer and Final Beneficiary of this project, now invite contractors to submit their sealed tenders for the following contract, which will be partially grant financed from the ISPA Program (73,05%) together with a loan from EBRD (26,95%): \"Wastewater Line\" according to the Financing Memorandum referring to the Measure No. 2000/RO/16/P/PE/0011. The contract is part of the overall project for the rehabilitation and upgrading of the Wastewater Treatment Plant in Arad covering topographical and plant surveys and, thereafter, detailed project implementation through design to the commissioning of the Works, while ensuring continuous operation of the existing plant. The scope of work will comprise; Inlet works and inlet pumping station rehabilitated for the storm water system Rehabilitation of the storm water tank A new recycling storm water line A new inlet pumping station Screens chamber and grit and grease removal Screens and grit washing facilities by means of blowers for the aerated grit unit No.1 distribution chamber for the anaerobic tanks Anaerobic tanks Anoxic tanks Aeration tanks and pumps for the return sludge Modification to the blowers chamber No.2 distribution chamber to the final clarifiers Final clarifiers Wash water, return sludge and excess sludge pumping stations Sludge dewatering plant and associated sludge storage SCADA system and connection to the main power supply The works will be carried out under the FIDIC Contracting Conditions for Plant and Design -Built, first edition 1999 (Yellow Book) and the time for the completion of the work will be 57 months (including the Defect Notification Period). Tendering for contracts to be co-financed with the proceeds of a loan from the Bank is open to firms from any country. The proceeds of the Banks loan will not be used for the purpose of any payment to persons or entities, or for any import of goods, if such payment or import is prohibited by a decision of the United Nations Security Council taken under Chapter VII of the Charter of the Untied Nations or under a law of official regulation of the Employers country. The contract will be tendered in accordance with the Procurement Polices and Rules of EBRD, open tender procedure. To be qualified for the award of a contract, Tenderers must satisfy the criteria, which are fully detailed in the tender but in general the minimum criteria can be defined as: The tenderer has an average turnover for similar works in the water and wastewater sectors (defined as billing the works in progress or completed) during the last five (5) years of at least twenty (20) million euro or its equivalent. The tenderer has experience as a main contractor in \"design and build\" activities, demonstrated by the completion of a project of at least sixteen (16) million euro equivalent and two projects (2) of at least ten (10) million euro or its equivalent. The projects shall be of a nature and complexity comparable to this project and shall have been executed in the last five (5) years. The tenderers has access to or has available assets, credit facilities and/or other financial means of at least sixteen (16) million euro and enough to satisfy the cash necessary from the project The tenderer has the plant equipment, experience in design and personnel at the site available for a proper completion of the project during the time for completion and in the price offered. In a joint venture, the responsible party must comply with the annual turnover specified (20 million euro) with at least fifty (50%) per cent and the mixed turnover of the other partners of the joint venture must comply with the criteria or at least fifty (50%) per cent. The tenderer has to submit audited company financial balance sheets for the last five (5) years. The tender documentation can be purchased from the address below upon payment of a non-refundable fee of 300 euro or its equivalent in ROL. If requested, the documents will be promptly dispatched by courier in exchange for payment, however, no liability can be accepted for lost or delay delivery. Payments may be made by cheque to RAAC Arad, in cash directly to the RAAC -Arad cashier or by inter-bank transfer to the Regia Autonoma Apa Canal account with Banca Romana de Dezvoltare (BRD) Arad Subsidiary, account No 251100183901401 . in ROL or in the account No. 251100183901401 in euro. Cheque and bank transfer charges shall be paid by the applicant. Only the tenderers that have purchased the tender documents and returned the Acknowledgment of Receipt Form will be considered eligible to submit tenders. The tenders must be valid for one hundred and twelve (112) days and be accompanied by a tender guarantee in euro or any other freely convertible currency in an amount of at least two (2%) per cent of the Tender Price. The tender guarantee shall be valid for a period of not less than thirty five (35) days after the period of tender validity without any interest or compensation to be paid by RAAC. A clarification meeting and site visit will take place at 10.00 hours local time on 28 August 2002 at the wastewater treatment plant in Arad, No. 5-7 Bodrogului Street, Arad. (near the airport). Tenders must be delivered to the office at the address of RAAC below, at or before 10:00 hours local time on 8 October 2002. Tender opening will be at 11.00 hours local time on the same day, 8 October 2002, in the presence of the tenderers who choose to attend. A register of potential Tenderers who have purchased the tender documents may be inspected at the RAAC address below Prospective tenderers may obtain further information from, and inspect and acquire the tender documents at the following office: Person in charge: General Manager Eng. Gheorghe Banatean Regia Autonoma Apa Canal Arad (RAAC - Arad) No. 2-4 Sabin Dragoi Street 2900 - Arad Romania Telephone: 40-257-270942 Fax No.: 40-257-270981 Address for information Central Finance and Contract Unit(CFCU) Ministry of Public Finance No. 36-38 Mendeleev Street, 4-th flour Bucharest - Romania Telephone: ( 40-21) 3103772/3136628/3136630 Fax No.: ( 40-21) 3133536 publikováno: 22.07.2002
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