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German wind generation to rise 25pct in 2002 - firms

German wind generation to rise 25pct in 2002 - firms
FRANKFURT - German wind power capacity will rise by more than 25 percent this year to 11,750 megawatts (MW), three large wind power firms active in the country\'s south said yesterday.
In August, installed capacity breached the 10,000 MW mark ...further cementing Germany\'s position as the worldwide wind power champion,\" said ABO WIND, G.A.I.A., and juwi in a press release aimed at highlighting regional growth opportunities. Germany, which last year added 2,659 MW of new turbines to arrive at a total 8,750 MW, could now produce between 15 and 20 billion kilowatt hours (kWh) of wind power per annum, equivalent to 3.75 percent of its total power consumption, they said. Germany\'s 12,250 turbines have an average capacity of 800 kilowatt (KW) each, but latest models have 2.5 MW each and moves are afoot to develop new prototypes with 4.5 MW each. Germany is ahead of Spain and the U.S. in world wind output rankings through its declared strategy to bring down greenhouse gases emissions, which many scientists say contribute to damaging global warming. The three companies are active in the Rhineland Palatinate state and together rank among the top 20 firms in the national industry, which employs 40,000. They said recent flood disasters in central Europe could be linked to climate changes and had highlighted the need to boost renewable energies as part of climate protection strategies. Germany has pledged to reduce its emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions by 21 percent by the year 2010. The existing wind power installations saved more than 12 million tonnes of CO2 per annum, representing five percent of the national reduction target, the press release said. Political parties are currently rowing over the most efficient efforts to stimulate the new energy sector, which has benefited from higher revenue guarantees for its input into the general grid than those earned from conventional power. The generous laws, introduced by the current governing coalition of the Social Democrats and Green Party, may be reviewed if conservative parties win national elections on September 22. REUTERS NEWS SERVICE
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