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Tendr - Projekt vodohospodářství a životního prostředí

Tendr - Projekt vodohospodářství a životního prostředí
Lithuania Kaunas Water and Environment Project, Phase II/ Consultancy Services Stav tendru: výzva k projevení zájmu Banka: Evropská banka Datum uzávěrky: 10.10.2002 Klíčová slova: služby konzultantské , služby technické , úpravny vody , vodohospodářství Popis: Projekt vodohospodářství a životního prostředí - *konzultantské služby - příprava prováděcí projektové dokumentace, příprava tendrové dokumentace, asistence při tendrovém řízení a kontraktaci pro úpravnu vody Petrašiunai. The following notice refers to goods, works, services or consultancy services to be procured through open and competitive tendering for projects financed by the EBRD. Potential tenderers desiring additional information on the procurement in question or the project in general should, unless indicated otherwise, contact the project agency and not the EBRD. Country Lithuania Project name Kaunas Water and Environment Project, Phase II Business sector Municipal and Environmental Infrastructure Type of contract Consultancy Services Type of notice Invitation for Expressions of Interest Issue date 11 September 2002 Special Status Closed Joint-Stock Company \"Kauno Vandenys\" (the Employer) intends using part of the proceeds of a loan from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (the Bank) towards the cost of the Kaunas Water and Environment Project, Phase II. The main objective of the assignment shall be: preparation of approved detailed design and drawings according to the Lithuanian regulations, standards and requirements; preparation of Tender Dossier for the construction of the Petrašiunai water purification plant. The Tender Dossier shall be prepared in accordance with EBRD requirements and EBRD Standard Tender Documents and shall comply in all respects with the Lithuanian Construction Regulations; assistance during a tendering period for the construction of the Petrašiunai water purification plant, tender evaluation, negotiations and Contract signing. The proposed ceiling budget for the above services is EUR 435,000. The assignment is expected to start in January 2003 and last about12 months. The contract will be financed from the proceeds of the loan and consulting firms from any country are eligible for shortlisting and selection. Interested firms are hereby invited to submit expressions of interest. A short list of qualified firms will be formally invited to submit proposals following this invitation. In order to determine the capability and experience of consulting firms seeking to be shortlisted, the information submitted shall include the following: company profile, organisation and staffing; details of experience or similar assignments undertaken in the previous five years, including their locations; CVs of staff who could be available to work on the assignment; experience of development cooperation and of cooperation with international financing institutions. The above information should not exceed 30 pages. 3 copies of the above information in English should be submitted to the address below in an envelope marked \"Expression of Interest for Preparation of Tender Dossier and Tendering Services for the Construction of the Petrašiunai Wellfield Water Purification Plant\", for delivery not later than 16.00 hours local time on 10th October 2002. Further information may be obtained from: SS CJSC \"Kauno Vandenys\" Project Implementation Unit Attn. Mr. Dainius Gudavicius Aukstaiciu 43, 3005 Kaunas, Lithuania Tel: 370-37-301888; Fax: 370-37-301730 publikováno: 17.09.2002
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