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Tendr - Rekonstrukce vodovodní a kanalizační sítě

Tendr - Rekonstrukce vodovodní a kanalizační sítě
Lithuania Rekonstrukce vodovodní a kanalizační sítě Stav tendru: vypsaný tendr Banka: jiná banka Datum uzávěrky: 25.09.2003 Klíčová slova: kanalizace , rozvod vody Popis: Litevská agentura pro využítí fondu ISPA vypisuje tendr na rekonstrukci vodovodní a kanalizační sítě. Podrobnosti jsou na internetové adrese www.ispa.lt. Deadline pro odevzdání nabídek je 25. září do 16:00. Podklady pro zpracování nabídky jsou k dispozici u Viniaus Water Company Dominikonu 11, Vilnius proti zaplacení 350 eur (bez nákladů na kurýrní službu). 12. srpna v 10:00 se uskuteční informační setkání , kontaktní osobou je Paní Audroné Aléjuniéne, tel: 370 5 266 4330 Public document to be completed by the Contracting Authority Compulsory use for works tender procedures of EUR 5,000,000 or more -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- WORKS PROCUREMENT NOTICE Rehabilitation of Potable Water and Sewage Pipelines in Vilnius City, Lithuania 1. Publication reference EuropeAid/115040/D/W/LT 2. Procedure International Open 3. Programme ISPA / Lithuanian Government / EIB loan 4. Financing Financing Memorandum 2000/LT/16/P/PE/001 5. Contracting authority Employer: JSC \"Vilniaus vandenys\" Dominikonu 11 LT-2600 Vilnius Lithuania Tel. 370 5 2664304 Fax. 370 5 2619417. Contracting Authority: ISPA Implementing Agency Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Lithuania A. Juozapaviciaus 9-610 LT-2005 Vilnius Lithuania Tel. 370 5 2725758 Fax. 370 5 2722563 CONTRACT SPECIFICATION 6. Contract description Scope of works consists of the rehabilitation of potable water pipelines (49 km) by cement mortar lining, and rehabilitation of existing potable water pipelines by using PE pipe and other reinforcement methods (24km), and rehabilitation of sewage pipelines (8 km). 7. Number and titles of Lots Lot. 1 Rehabilitation of potable water pipelines (49 km) by cement mortar lining. Lot. 2 Rehabilitation of existing potable water pipelines by using PE pipe and other reinforcement methods (24km), and rehabilitation of sewage pipelines (8 km). CONDITIONS OF PARTICIPATION 8. Eligibility and rule of origin Participation is open on equal terms to all natural and legal persons participating either individually or in a grouping (consortium) of tenderers of the Member States and the countries and territories of the regions covered and/or authorised by the Regulation or other specific instruments applicable to the programme under which the contract is financed (see also item 21 below). All goods provided for this contract must originate in these countries. 9. Grounds for exclusion Tenderers must provide a declaration that they are not in any of the situations listed in Section 2.3 of the Manual of Instructions for External Relations contracts (available from the following Internet address: europa.eu.int ). 10. Number of tenders Tenderers (including firms within the same legal group, other members of the same consortium, and sub-contractors) may submit only one tender for one or several Lots. Tenders for parts of a Lot will not be considered. Any tenderer may state in their tender that they would offer a discount in the event that their tender is accepted for more than one Lot. Tenderers may provide a tender for a variant solution in addition to their tender for the works required in the tender dossier. 11. Tender guarantee Tenderers must provide a tender guarantee of EUR 70.000 for each of Lot 1 and Lot 2 when submitting their tender. This guarantee will be released to unsuccessful tenderers once the tender procedure has been completed and to the successful tenderer(s) upon signature of the contract by all parties. 12. Performance guarantee The successful tenderer will be requested to provide a performance guarantee of 10% of the contract value in euro when countersigning the contract. This must be delivered not later than on the date of signing the Contract Agreement. If the selected tenderer fails to provide such a guarantee within this period, the contract will be void and a new contract may be drawn up and sent to the tenderer which has submitted the next lowest, compliant tender. 13. Information meeting and/or site visit A mandatory information meeting and/or site visit will be held on 12 August 2003 at JSC \"Vilniaus vandenys\", Domininkonu 11, LT-2600 Vilnius, Lithuania (contact details to confirm attendance: Ms. Audrone Alejuniene, tel.: 370 5 2664330, fax.: 370 5 2610204, e-mail: a.audrone@vv.lt). 14. Tender validity Tenders must remain valid for a period of 90 days after the deadline for submission of tenders. 15. Maximum delivery period Time for completion of the works is 720 days -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SELECTION AND AWARD CRITERIA 16. Selection criteria Tenderes should be submitted only by companies and legal persons meeting the minimum qualifying criteria including, but not limited to: He shall be a registered and certified firm or legal person for carrying out the specified Works. The minimum average annual turnover in the past three years shall be as follows: Lot. 1 EURO 6 000 000 or 21 000 000 LTL Lot. 2 EURO 6 000 000 or 21 000 000 LTL He shall have completed over the last five years for: Lot. 1 renovation of water pipelines by cement mortar lining not less than 25 km in summary. During the same period, the overall value of such Contracts, where he has performed as a Contractor or Sub-contractor shall not be less than 3 MEuro taking into account the contracts of 0.2 MEUR or more. Lot. 2 renovation of water and sewage pipelines by using PE pipe or other reinforcement methods not less than 12 km in summary. During the same period, the overall value of such Contracts, where he has performed as a contractor or sub-contractor shall be not less than 5 MEuro taking into account the contracts of 0.2 MEUR or more. Alternatively for lots 1 and 2, the Tenderer who has a previous track record of Prime Contractor only in General Civil Works, will be considered eligible for this contract (lots 1 and 2) on condition that selected sub-contractor/ joint venture partner for the pipeline rehabilitation works meets the requirements 4.2.3 of Tender Dossier, Volume I, Section 1 \"Instructions to tenderers\". The preliminary agreement with sub-contractor/partner is prepared exclusively with this Prime Contractor for this project. The Financing Authority reserves the right to ask for copies of the respective certificates of final reception signed by the project managers/Contracting Authority of the concerned projects. All his key personnel (The Project Director, Site Manager, Design Manager, Main Foreman, Foremen for Specialized Works) shall have adequate experience and proven qualifications relevant to works of a similar nature to the Works/Lots to be tendered, language capabilities/ availability of interpreter (as per evaluation grid). The minimum requested experience shown in brackets. Project Director (minimum experience: 10 years in the field, 5 years with the company), Site Manager (minimum experience: 10 years in the field, 3 years with the company), Main Foreman/Works Superintendent (minimum experience: 5 years in the field, 3 years with the company), Design Manager (minimum experience: 10 years in the field, 3 years with the company), Foremen for the specialised works (minimum 5 years in the specialised works) If he is a sole Tenderer (i.e. he may have subcontractors, but he is not a partner in a Joint Venture for the purposes of the Tender) he shall be able to carry out at least 70 % of the Contract Works by his own means, defined as meaning that he must have the equipment, materials, human and financial resources necessary to enable him to carry out this percentage of the Contract. If he is a sole Tenderer he also must have access to incontestable credit and other financial facilities dedicated for this individual p publikováno: 01.07.2003
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