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Tendr: Vodovod na ostrově Kerkyra, Řecko

Tendr: Vodovod na ostrově Kerkyra, Řecko

GR-Corfu: works related to water-distribution pipelines

2003/S 222-199123



I. 1) Official name and address of the contracting entity: Dimotiki Epicheirisi Ydreysis-Apocheteysis Kerkyras (DEYAK), Att: Techniki Ypiresia, 9i par. Ioannoy Theotoki 1, GR-491 00 Kerkyra. Tel.: (6610) 42 363, 34 444. Fax: 44 110.
II. 1.8.1) Common Procurement Vocabulary (CPV): 45232150.
  Description: Works related to water-distribution pipelines.
IV. 3.3) Deadline for receipt of tenders or participation requests: 21.1.2004. Time: 11:00.
  3.5) Language or languages in which tenders or requests to participate can be drawn up: Greek.


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Tendr Řecko - kanalizace Karditsa
14/02/2004     S32               European Communities - Water, energy, transport and telecommunications sectors - Contract award Go to paragraph:   I. II. IV. V. VI. GR-Karditsa: sewage work 2004/S 32-027952 CONTRACT AWARD NOTICE - UTILITIES Works This contract is covered by the Government Procurement Agreement (GPA): Yes. SECTION I: CONTRACTING ENTITY I. 1) Official name and address of the contracting entity: Dimotiki Epicheirisi Ydreysis-Apocheteysis Karditsas (DEYAK), Att: Riga Maria, 3o chlm. Karditsas-Trikalon, GR-431 00 Karditsa. Tel.: (24410) 71 711-13. Fax: 71 714. E-mail: deyak1@otenet.gr. SECTION II: OBJECT OF THE CONTRACT II. 1) Type of contract: Works.   2) Framework agreement:   3) Nomenclature   3.1) Common Procurement Vocabulary (CPV): 45232420.   3.2) Other relevant nomenclature (CPA/NACE/CPC):   4) Title attributed to the contract by the contracting authority: Επέκταση δικτύων αποχέτευσης Καρδίτσας Β\' φάση.   5) Short description: Sewage work.   6) Estimated total value: 691 594,11 ευρώ. SECTION IV: PROCEDURE IV. 1) Type of procedure: Open.   1.1) Reason for the choice of procedure without call for competition:   2) Award criteria: The most economically advantageous tender. SECTION V: AWARD OF CONTRACT Contract No: 1 V. 1) Award and contract value   1.1) Name and address of successful supplier, contractor or service provider: Kalybas Dimitrios, Att: Kalyba D., Tzabela 1, GR-421 00 Trikala. Tel.: (24310) 73 862.   1.2) Information on value of contract or on lowest and highest tenders taken into consideration: Price: 691 594,11. Currency: EUR.   2) Subcontracting The contract is likely to be subcontracted: No.   3) Price paid for bargain purchases:   4) Mandatory information not intended for publication SECTION VI: OTHER INFORMATION VI. 1) Non-mandatory notice: No.   2) Reference number attributed to the file by the contracting entity:   3) Date of contract award: 15.12.2003.   4) Number of offers received: 14.   5) This contract was subject to a notice in OJ: Yes. Notice number in OJ contents list: 2003/S 167-153188. Of: 2.9.2003.   6) Type of call for competition: Contract notice.   7) This contract relates to a project/programme financed by EU funds: Yes. Απόφαση Ε(2001)4066/20-12-2001 της Επιτροπής Ευρωπαϊκών Κοινοτήτων-2001GR 16 C PE 013 περί ένταξης του έργου στο ΤΣ 2000-2006.   8) Other information:   9) Date of dispatch of this notice: 9.2.2004.   ZDROJ:TED
2. března 2004
Tendr Řecko - kanalizace Karditsa
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