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Nová skládka začala ke konci roku fungovat v Kosovu

Nová skládka začala ke konci roku fungovat v Kosovu

Another sanitary landfill opened

On 10 September, a sanitary landfill was officially opened in the Podujevë/Podujevo municipality. This is the third of seven landfills funded by the EU as part of its programme to improve the Environment in Kosovo. The landfills will replace a number of dumpsites that pose a significant health threat to the local communities.

All of the new landfills are built to EU standards. These include a special seal that keeps toxic water from leaking out through the bottom of the site, and into the soil or underground water sources. There are also weighbridges, to monitor how much rubbish is dumped at the sites, and a fence to keep intruders out. The forecasted life of the landfills is 15 years.“We are witnessing a rapid and significant improvement in the way solid waste is disposed in Kosovo. It is up to the utility companies and relevant institutions to make sure that the progress continues, while the Agency will do its utmost to support them in these efforts,” said Alan Brown, Programme Manager at the European Agency for Reconstruction. The Podujeva sanitary landfill will serve a population of 120,000. It can take a total capacity of 900,000m³ of compacted waste, and is divided into two cells, each containing about 450,000m³. The work was carried out by German company TSB.


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