zpravodajství životního prostředí již od roku 1999

Turistické lodi jsou podle Havajců zdrojem velkého množství odpadů

Turistické lodi jsou podle Havajců zdrojem velkého množství odpadů
Cruise Ships Petition Dear Governor Lingle: I am signing this letter to encourage your support of strong and enforceable regulations for the cruise ship industry. As you know, Hawai‘i’s unique and beautiful environment is our most precious resource. Hawai‘i ’s economy depends on a healthy ocean to support our $800 million dollar ocean recreation industry. Not only is our environment vitally important to our state’s economy, it makes Hawai‘i a special place for all who call these islands home. Cruise ships are small floating cities which generate large amounts of waste and effluents in many different forms including sewage, solid waste, oily bilge water, grey water and even hazardous waste. Much of this waste is discharged at sea. Although the state entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the industry in 2003, there are no provisions for monitoring or enforcement. Consequently, it is impossible to know if the ships are operating in compliance with the agreement. Hawai‘i needs strong laws with stiff penalties and third party monitoring to ensure our precious resources are adequately protected. The cruise ship industry in general has an abysmal record of illegal dumping, altering discharge equipment and falsifying reports. Last year, cruise ships operating in Hawai’i admitted to 14 violations to the MOU in a 9-month period. Governor Lingle, the state should not be allowing activity from any industry that degrades or threatens to degrade precious public trust resources or our local economy. Cruise ships do both. After Alaska enacted legislation that included monitoring and fines for non-compliance, illegal dumping drastically decreased. Hawai‘i must take this important step and regulate this industry. Please encourage and support strong and enforceable regulations for cruise ships. ZDROJ:http://www.kahea.org/ocean/petition.php
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