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Projekty ACRR

Projekty ACRR
APPRICOD Assessing the Potential of Plastics Recycling in the Construction and Demolition Activities Objective to optimise the selective collection of plastics waste produced by activities of construction and demolition (C&D) and disseminate examples of good practices in this field. This project is based on a partnership between local and regional authorities, European federations of plastics industry, and the construction and demolition sector. Activities : Diagnostics of the current management of plastics waste from C&D Definition of selective collection scenarios Test of these scenarios in some twenty pilot project sites in four participating cities/regions Conclusions and dissemination of results, in the form of an inventory of good practices, a website and local and European workshops. Duration: 30 months, from November 2003 to May 2006 This project receives financial support from the European Commission - Directorate-General Environment (LIFE – Environment demonstration projects ) Coordinator : IBGE-BIM: Institute for the Management of the Environment of the Brussels Region, Belgium ZDROJ:ACRR
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