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Co je to Managenergy.net?

Co je to Managenergy.net?

ManagEnergy promotes co-operation between local and regional energy actors in Europe through workshops, study tours and online events on energy efficiency, renewable energy and sustainable transport.

If you are working on energy issues at the local level, you can use the ManagEnergy website to find up-to-date information on events, case studies, funding, legislation and energy agencies across Europe.

The website features details of around 380 energy agencies. In total, the site includes 2220 organisations, which can provide valuable expertise and advice on energy activities at local and regional levels. In addition, around 7000 individual energy actors in 85 countries are registered to receive regular news and information from ManagEnergy.

This website includes a partner search system to help you find participants for new energy projects among energy agencies, municipalities, consultants, industry and other energy experts. ManagEnergy also offers free internet broadcast facilities including some 500 individual video presentations, speeches and interviews.

This site provides you with information mainly in English. However, information on programmes and legislation includes links to other language versions where available, and many of the Internet Broadcasts are available in several official European languages.


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