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Nové zařízení pro likvidaci odpadů a využití energie z nich - Plasma Assisted Gasifier

Nové zařízení pro likvidaci odpadů a využití energie z nich - Plasma Assisted Gasifier




Plasma Environmental Technologies Inc., (TSX VENTURE:PE) was recently featured on ROB TV's Michael Vaughn Live. The program featured the Plasma Assisted Gasifer (PAG) system, a unique technology developed with Kinectrics Inc, co-owner of the technology. The process converts waste into energy in the form of heat and electricity.

"We have an exciting new technology and we are ready to let the world know about its benefits," said John Wright, President and CEO. "The technology is ready to go into pilot operation with Plasma Environmental Technology's joint venture partners and the company's visibility in the industrial, financial and governmental communities is growing. The ability to divert organic waste from landfill and turn that waste into energy is good for the environment and good for the bottom line. This is a technology whose time has come and the world is starting to pay attention."


The interview can be found on Plasma Environmental Technology's web site.

Plasma Environmental Technologies Inc. is a Canadian public company that trades on the Canadian Venture Exchange (symbol: PE). PET develops and markets plasma-based systems for the safe and cost-effective destruction of hazardous and non-hazardous wastes. Plasma technology is a thermal, non-incineration process that converts targeted solid wastes into energy (heat and electricity)

Kinectrics Inc., formerly a division of Ontario Hydro, is now an independent company formed to help the North American energy sector improve business performance through science and engineering. Based in Toronto, Kinectrics applies its expertise to generation, transmission, distribution, and industrial energy services. Kinectrics is also internationally renowned in the field of environmental engineering, including applications of plasma arc technology. www.kinectrics.com

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