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institucionální a techničtí specialisté pro asanaci, řízení odpadních vod a technickou podporu hygieny

institucionální a techničtí specialisté pro asanaci, řízení odpadních vod a technickou podporu hygieny
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Světová banka  
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Spojené státy americké 
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DB 667 
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S00 Služby

Světová banka - konzultantské služby - institucionální a techničtí specialisté pro asanaci, řízení odpadních vod a technickou podporu hygieny
Country: World Bank
Financing: World Bank
Sector: Consultants
Contract/Bid Number: Request for Expressions of Interest
Deadline: 31 December 2005

Deadline for Submission: 31 December 2005

Selection Method: Individual Competitive Selection

The Water and Sanitation Unit of the World Bank Infrastructure Vice Presidency has created a new multi-disciplinary team that provides short term technical assistance to Bank Operations related to sanitation and is developing guidance tools for Bank staff related to sanitation and hygiene. Over the past 9 months, our unit carried out 17 such assignment using 15 different outside consultants. Five more such assignments are currently under way. In the next calendar year, our service is expected to scale up its efforts. Essential for the success of this service is the availability of a large number of top experts with a wide range of expertise and regional experience. Consultants are sought to provide expertise to the team in the following areas:

(a) finance and planning of sanitation investments,

(b) public health and related hygiene promotion,

(c) institutions & policies for sanitation and hygiene, or

(d) sanitation engineering and technology.

This expertise is sought in support of activities to serve poor communities in rural, small town, urban and peri-urban contexts. Depending on the expertise, responsibilities for the consultant on any given assignment may include:

Setting technical direction for technical assessments and choice for sanitation investments or support to hygiene promotion

Active participation and leadership of specific short-term consultancies to support Bank operations through the design and implementation of new projects

Documentation of core ideas and principles related to sanitation and hygiene promotion

Quality Assurance of lending and non-lending related technical assistance

Synthesis of field experiences and lessons learned.

Note that we provide services in response to demand, and cannot predict the timing and extent of such demand. We particularly encourage consultants with experience in Asia to apply. All applicants need to have at least 10 years of experience in sanitation or hygiene promotion in the developing world. Our unit is not looking for solid waste management specialists, or project implementation/ management expertise.

Consultants will be selected in accordance with the procedures set out in the current edition of the World Bank’s Guidelines: Selection and Employment of Consultants by World Bank Borrowers.

Please send your resume and cover note (highlighting your relevant sanitation, wastewater management and hygiene experience and your burdened daily rate) to Wouter Vandersypen (wvandersypen@worldbank.org).

Contact: Mr. Wouter P. F. Vandersypen.
World Bank.
1818 H Street, NW.
Washington, DC 20433, USA.
Tel: (1-202) 473-4531.
E-mail: wvandersypen@worldbank.org.
Web site: www.worldbank.org
Notice Number: WB3240-667/05
UNDB Print Edition: Issue No. 667, 30 November 2005
Posted Online: 7 November 2005


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