zpravodajství životního prostředí již od roku 1999

Hodnocení vlivu na životní prostředí, pokud jde o vyřazení bloků 1 až 4 z provozu (BG-Kozloduy)

Hodnocení vlivu na životní prostředí, pokud jde o vyřazení bloků 1 až 4 z provozu (BG-Kozloduy)
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výzva k projevení zájmu  
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EBRD /Evropská banka pro obnovu a rozvoj/  
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Bulharsko  BusinessInfo.cz - Bulharsko" href="http://www.businessinfo.cz/cz/clanky/bulharsko/1000688/">(teritoriální informace Bulharsko) 
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S000000 Blíže neurčeno - Služby

Anotace tendru:

V rámci projektu byla vydána výzva k projevení zájmu na konzultantské služby v oblasti hodnocení vlivu na životní prostředí, pokud jde o vyřazení bloků 1 až 4 z provozu (BG-Kozloduy). Financování je zajištěno ze strany EBRD. Přihlášku je nutné zaslat do 2. 6. 2008. Přihlášku je nutné zpracovat v angličtině.

Popis tendru (Angličtina):

EBRD - Environmental Impact Assessment for the Decommissioning of Units 1 to 4 (BG-Kozloduy)
Invitation for Expression of Interest

Project name: Environmental Impact Assessment for the Decommissioning of Units 1 to 4 of the Kozloduy Nuclear Power Plant

Country: Bulgaria
Business sector: Nuclear Safety
Funding source: KIDSF
Type of contract: Consultancy Services
Issue date: 10.3.2008
Closing date: 2.6.2008

Assignment Title
Environmental Impact Assessment for the Decommissioning of Units 1 to 4

Executing Agency

Kozloduy Project Management Unit (KPMU)

Contact Person:
Daryll Jones, Kozloduy NPP, KPMU, 3321 Kozloduy, Bulgaria. Tel: 359 973 7 64 22. Fax: 359 973 7 45 08. E-mail: kpmu@npp.bg

Assignment Description

In November 1999, the Bulgarian Government and the European Commission signed a Memorandum of Understanding in which the Bulgarian Government undertook a firm commitment to close and decommission Units 1 - 4 of the Kozloduy Nuclear Power Plant (KNPP). The European Community (through PHARE support) and a number of EU members and Switzerland have contributed to the Kozloduy International Decommissioning Support Fund (KIDSF), which is managed and administrated by European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD). One of the purposes of this Fund is to finance, or co-finance preparation and implementation of selected projects, which would require procurement of goods, works and services for modification of existing plant systems and construction of new decommissioning facilities in an environmentally safe and cost effective manner.

A Project Management Unit (PMU) has been established and is in operation on the Kozloduy NPP Site to manage the selected projects.

An updated Decommissioning Strategy has been established; it has been approved by KNPP and the Bulgarian Authorities in June 2006. This Strategy is based on a continuous and immediate dismantling. Dismantling can be started only after the Issuance of a Decommissioning Permit by the Bulgarian Nuclear Regulatory Agency (BNRA). Prior to issue of this permit, an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) for the decommissioning shall be prepared. The Decision made by the Ministry of Environment and Waters based on this EIA is a prerequisite for the Decommissioning Permit Issuance.

The assignment has to be carried out in compliance with the relevant Environmental Standards and Regulations of Bulgaria and in compliance with the EBRD`s Environmental and Public Information Policies. Under the EBRD Environmental Policy the Decommissioning of a NPP would be screened as A-level, requiring an Environmental Impact Assessment and public consultation as set out in the Bank`s Environmental Policy. This invitation for Expressions of Interest relates to this EIA and the associated public consultation.

The EIA process and the EIA document should meet the requirements set out in the Bulgarian legislation and in the EU EIA Directive. Public information and consultation should meet the requirements as set out in the EIA Directive and in the EBRD`s Environmental Policy and Public Information Policy, both of which can be found on EBRD`s website (www.ebrd.com).

The Consultant will be responsible for the entire EIA process (Public information and Public discussions included) and the preparation of all necessary documentation (particularly the EIA report), in both Bulgarian and English language.

Assignment Start Date and Duration
Anticipated start date is August 2008 for a duration of about 11 months
Special Conditions

The consultancy services financed by the Grant of the KIDSF shall be free from any and all taxes, custom duties or other fees or mandatory payments arising in or as a result of performance of services in the country of the Assignment (Bulgaria).

Funding Source
The assignment will be funded by the Kozloduy International Decommissioning Support Fund (KIDSF).

Eligible countries as of 1.1.2008 are Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, all so-called PHARE countries and the EBRD`s countries of operation (see list on EBRD Web-site).

Consultant Profile:
Corporate services are required.
The Consultant should have relevant experience in all areas needed for the performance of the assignment as described above. The Consultant will be specifically responsible for the selection of the team of qualified experts for the EIA as well as for the quality of the EIA. These experts shall:

- Have a certificate for entry in the Public Register, according to Article 83, paragraph 4 of the Environmental Protection Act (Bulgarian State Gazette 105/22.12.2006).

- Have no personal interest in the realization of the investment proposal, as this is defined in Article 11, paragraph (3) of the Ordinance for the Conditions and the Order for Implementing Environmental Impact Assessment (Bulgarian State Gazette 03/10.01.2006).


Interested firms are hereby invited to submit Expressions of Interest.

In order to determine the capability and experience of consulting firms seeking to be short-listed, the information submitted should include the following:
- company profile, organisation and staffing;

- details of experience or similar assignments undertaken in the previous 5 years, including their locations;

- CVs of staff, which could be available to work on the project.

The above information should not exceed 15 pages excluding CVs.

6 copies of the above information, in English, should be submitted to KPMU in an envelope marked "Expression of Interest for EIA, project code EID", to reach the KPMU not later than 2.6.2008 (15:00), Bulgarian time.

In addition, a copy is required by email to kpmu@npp.bg

Following this Invitation for Expression of Interest, a shortlist of qualified firms will be formally invited to submit proposals. Shortlisting and selection will be subject to the availability of funding.


Kontaktní informace:
* Kontakt:
Pavel Talafús
odborný pracovník, specialista CzechTrade

Tel.: 420224907543
Fax: 420224913813
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