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Kypr: Výstavba zařízení na MBT

Kypr: Výstavba zařízení na MBT

Modern Waste Treatment System for Cyprus

Herhof GmbH builds mechanical-biological waste treatment system in Larnaca

Herhof GmbH has started constructing a mechanical-biological waste stabilising system in Larnaca on Cyprus. Refuse from the cities of Larnaca and Ammochostos in the south of Cyprus will in the future be treated in the planned system, the total investment of which is valued at 35 million Euros. It is expected that the system will be finished in the summer of 2008 following an 18-month construction period.

Herhof GmbH, which is specialised in the construction and operation of waste treatment systems to generate energy from waste, is responsible for the implementation of all technical stages of the project: from the planning and manufacturing through the delivery and installation up to and including the commissioning of the plant. The general contractor’s order for the construction and later operation of the plant was awarded to Helector S.A., the Greek parent company, after a pan-European tender. In addition to the turnkey erection and commissioning amounting to a total investment valued at about 35 million Euros, another 100 million Euros was assigned to Helector for the 10-year operation. Herhof will thereby be allocated approx. 10 million Euros for its sub-order to cover the technical stages of the project.

With the start-up of regular operation in January 2009, refuse from approx. 150,000 residents, the local companies as well as tourists from the region around Larnaca will be processed. The system is designed for an annual capacity of 160,000 tonnes of mixed refuse as well as 16,000 tonnes of green and 20,000 tonnes of packaging waste.

The waste can be treated optimally through a combination of various methods of waste treatment. In this way, the delivered mixed refuse as well as packaging waste will be broken up and pre-sorted to extract the recoverable fractions such as metal, paper and glass from the waste.

The biologically compostable fraction will then be placed in rotting boxes and processed into fresh compost within a few days which, after several siftings and a post-rotting period, should be used for soil cultivation. The flow of air from the biological waste and the mixed waste will be filtered through the LARA® air treatment and purification system from Herhof. In this way, not only is the dirt absorbed out of the exhaust air, but also the odours. The cooling and waste water will also be permanently recycled and used again.

In addition, a highly efficient method for the composting of bio waste will come into use. In line with the Herhof-Rottebox® procedure, a rich nutrient compost will be produced within a few days from organic waste such as green, garden and kitchen waste as well as sewage sludge, which should then be used as agricultural fertiliser and for the improvement of the soil.

"With this order, Herhof GmbH can strengthen its market presence again. In addition, it is a further step towards the breakthrough of a modern, environmentally-friendly and energy-efficient waste treatment system on the international level", says Michael Koch, Managing Director of Herhof GmbH.

ZDROJ: www.herhof.com
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