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Co je Redubar?

Co je Redubar?

A way for using RES is the conversion into biogas and power generation. To increase the efficiency and for a substitution of the fossil energy carrier natural gas it is highly recommended to convert biogas into biomethane and distribute it by official natural gas grids to modern high efficient poly generation systems (heating, cooling, climatisation). Main objective of the project is to determine and remove existing non-technological and administrative obstacles and barriers and to propose legislative regulations for the injection of biomethane into natural gas grids and its distribution.

The project partners will deliver a complete analysis of regulations in the EU member countries concerning the utilization chain of biomethane. A road map will be elaborated, which will include recommendations for implementation and adaptation of legislative and technical regulations; an information and education program related to the different state of knowledge Europe-wide and a dissemination plan of successful projects of biomethane distribution and utilisation.

One of the most important ways for using renewable energy sources (RES, mainly biomass) is the conversion into combustible gases and the generation of electricity by gas engines or combined heat and power plants (CHP). For an efficient usage of this RES polygeneration systems are recommended. In those cases the distribution of the produced electrical currant is no problem. But the utilization of the generated heat is limited to local heat sinks in the biogas plant or in small agricultural companies. The biogas plants are mostly placed in areas with a low population density and a low heat demand.
So the overall energetic efficiency of the biomass is limited to 30 – 40 %.

The objectives:

However, to increase the utilisation of biomass it is highly suggested to convert the biogases into an energy carrier of higher quality – into biomethane with natural gas quality – and to distribute this energy carrier by official natural gas grids for the decentralised energy supply in power generation, heating, cooling and climatisation. By that way biomethane can:

  • be used in modern high efficient polygeneration systems (CHP, CHCP) away from the production place with an increase of overall efficiency up to 70 – 90%
  • substitute the fossil energy carrier natural gas and other

The main objective of the project is to remove or decrease obstacles and barriers which can be found in the unstable or weak cooperation along the utilisation chain of biomass resulting from

  • a poor knowledge and insufficient experience with the technologies within the utilisation chain
  • a deficiency in legislative rules on the level of the European member countries and operational legal instructions and technical regulations to handle the biomethane injection into gas grids, its distribution and usage
  • hesitating investors and a leak of investment funds for promoting energy farmers and energy distributors

The Work program of the proposed project REDUBAR is composed of actions to remove such obstacles and barriers and to promote the high efficient utilisation of biomethane from RES:

  • defining the demand of legislative and technical regulations in the member states of the EU
  • determining the deficiencies in the market structure and elaborating proposals for utilization chains with methods of financing
  • giving an overview and evaluation about successful applications in the utilization chain of biomethane
  • elaborating materials for information and education the market partners
  • developing activities for establishing and disseminating successful projects



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