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Srbský EKO-KOM

Srbský EKO-KOM

Sekopak is a not-for-profit organization funded in 2006 by Serbian industry. It is dealing with packaging waste management. Sekopak is supporting practical solutions to be implemented in the sphere of minimising influence packaging and packaging waste has on the environment. Sekopak is advocating implementing new legislation regulating packaging waste field in line with EU Directives in the field.


At present there is no packaging waste system applied in Serbia throughout its territory. Discussions are taking place in the relevant Ministry which solution to implement.




Sekopak founders are private companies dealing with production, importing, trade and distribution of packed goods on the Serbian market. The organisation comprise of Assembly, Management Board and General Secretary, while the Management Board has 9 members and is the organ of business conducting and executing.




Sekopak is being financed according to the equitable split on its founding members for the operational cost of running the organisation. According to the existing Draft Law on Packaging and Packaging Waste that is introducing “producers’ responsibility” and “polluter pays” principles, as of June 30, 2009, contracts with packaging waste management operators have to be signed by Serbian industry, making it possible to introduce fees and tariffs for placed packaging.


According to the Draft Law on Packaging and Packaging Waste the Basic Principles set out in Article 4 of the Draft are:

1)      shared responsibility of all actors according to the “polluter pays” principle during the product’s life cycle;

2)      prevention of generation of packaging waste;

3)      re-use of packaging, recycling and other methods of using packaging waste and reducing final disposal;

4)      Voluntary agreements in packaging waste management.





Sekopak d.o.o. Beograd – Organisation for packaging Waste Management


Street: Strahinića Bana 39, 11 000 Belgrade, Serbia


Tel. +381 11 3286 243, 3286 072

Fax. +381 11 2629 894


e-mail: office@sekopak.com


Contact person: Rebeka Bozovic, General Secretary



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