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2nd International FINE Dust-Free Congress

2nd International FINE Dust-Free Congress

1 - 2 October 2009

in Klagenfurt on Lake Worthersee for experts in the fields of environment, traffic and transport and representatives from administration, politics, science and economy.

The “Fine!Dust-Free” Congress is being held already for the second time in Klagenfurt – this time in the framework of the EU-LIFE Project “SPAS”. It is a follow-up project of the EU-LIFE Project “KAPA GS” (www.kapags.at). KAPA GS identified PM10 pollution along busy roads, caused by the resuspension of dust. To combat this, SPAS is employing a double strategy: Ambient pollution due to PM10 fine dust as well as noise are to be clearly reduced by an innovative combination of noise-protection walls and fine-dust filters (Sound and Particle Absorbing System).

The results of the SPAS project as well as fine-dust initiatives from throughout Europe will be the topics of the 2nd International Fine!Dust-Free Congress. The programme will include the new EU Air Quality Directive, latest studies on the health effects and the costs and causes of fine-dust pollution. The main focus will be on the presentation of European case reports: Experts from Graz, Berlin, Stockholm, Italy and Switzerland will share thein experience gained in the implementation of measures.

In addition, innovative technical solutions, such as the use of CMA (“fine-dust glue”), will be discussed or shown in an Exhibition.

A field trip to Europe’s first noise-protection wall equipped with fine-dust filters will provide the opportunity of transferring know-how.

The Congress will be completed by an outlook of trends and scenarios.

A social programme, which will be anything but “dusty”, and a pleasant atmosphere will further stimulate the exchange of experience and expertise.

More at www.life-spas.at

Register now and benefit from the early registration bonus of EUR 30,-!

There is still some room left for additional issues to be included in the programme. Contact for

• experts who have something interesting to contribute: sandra.habib@klagenfurt.at

• exhibitors: m.staudegger@life-spas.at

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