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Articles from Science for Environment Policy

Articles from Science for Environment Policy

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Characterisation of ultrafine particles from a waste-incinerator plant
Ultrafine particles emitted from a waste incinerator plant in Italy have been characterised in a recent study. The results suggest that a fabric filter was efficient at cleaning particulate matter from the exhaust gases. Data produced by the study could go on to be used by scientists studying the potential health impacts of ultrafine particles.
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Five strategies to help damaged marine ecosystems recover
Between 10 and 50% of marine species and ecosystems are recovering from population declines and degradation, according to recent research, which identified five strategies for successful recoveries. Recoveries are often driven by a combination of factors, which include restricting exploitation, better protection of vulnerable habitats and greater political support and local involvement with conservation.
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New study reveals Europe´s rivers under pressure
The largest investigation to date into the extent of human-induced pressure on European rivers concludes that around 80% of rivers are affected by water pollution, water removal for hydropower and irrigation, structural alterations and the impact of dams, with 12% suffering from impacts of all four.
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Can the public support wave power?
An experimental wave energy project in the UK has allowed researchers an early view of how the public might respond to large-scale development and the reaction is surprisingly positive. This is encouraging, says the study, but the potential for future conflict between the public and wave energy developers should not be overlooked.
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Some forest soils still to recover from acidification by air pollutants
Sulphur and nitrogen emissions have been significantly reduced across Europe in recent decades, but a recent study from Sweden finds that some forest soils are still struggling to recover from the acidifying effects of the pollutants. Some areas are also at risk of nitrogen leaching from soils into surface waters.
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Urban forests: could they be doing us a disservice?
There is a growing body of scientific research into the health benefits of urban forests, such as improving air quality and providing recreational space. However, new research challenges the assumption that their overall impact on quality of life is always positive and land planners need to take into account ecosystem disservices as well as services, say the researchers.
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Photovoltaic supply falls short of solar power targets
Europe could struggle to meet the target set by the renewable energy sector of 25% of electricity produced by solar energy by 2040 because the supply of materials, including rare metals, needed to produce photovoltaics (PV) is unlikely to meet demand. Production rates need to be drastically improved, according to a new study.
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