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Articles from Science for Environment Policy

Articles from Science for Environment Policy

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Extending ozone treaty would support GHG reduction goals
Extending the Montreal Protocol on ozone-depleting substances to include hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) could have important benefits for climate change action, say scientists in a recent analysis. HFCs are currently part of the Kyoto Protocol as greenhouse gases, but this protection will end with the expiry of Kyoto commitments this year.
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Raising the profile of soil´s essential contribution to society
Soils play a vital role in the Earth's life-support system, yet their importance and value to society is not always recognised. A recent study suggests that incorporating soils into a National Capital and Ecosystem Services framework will raise the profile of soils and enable soils to be more easily integrated into policy decisions.
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Concern over communication of nanotechnology in Slovenia
The Slovenian government treats nanotechnology as a national research priority, but the topic is virtually non-existent in the national mass media, according to new research. This lack of information for the public means it is difficult for them to make decisions about the safety of products, the study argues.
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Product footprinting: category rules need harmonising
There is a need for greater harmonisation of the methods used to estimate the environmental impact of products, otherwise known as product category rules (PCRs). A new study has reviewed the development of PCRs and provided recommendations for better alignment.
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Synthetic biology´s potential controversy assessed
Major controversy surrounding synthetic biology is possible but unlikely in the near future, according to the results of a new study. The researchers assessed the potential for social and political conflicts by drawing comparisons with the controversy surrounding genetic modification (GM) in the 1990s. They argue that controversy over new technologies is influenced by how they are implemented, and healthy debate surrounding synthetic biology is likely to limit conflict.
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