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Could electric buses soon become Addis Ababa´s reality (Budou v Addis Abebě jezdit trolejbusy?)

Could electric buses soon become Addis Ababa´s reality (Budou v Addis Abebě jezdit trolejbusy?)

Two years ago an ambitious plan to introduce Trolley-buses in Addis Ababa was drafted but that project never materialized.

According to Getachew Eshetu (Engineer), Owner and Managing Director of Afro Asia Trading Enterprise, the Addis Ababa Mayor Kuma Demeksa had given him a letter of acceptance on February 23, 2010 to go ahead with the plan of introducing electric bus in the capital city.

Getachew told Capital that "The government sent a delegation to different countries including Russia and France to study the operation of electric buses. They told me that it is the best option for overcoming the transportation problem that Addis is currently facing." He added, "I was very happy when I received Kuma´s letter instructing me to begin operation. Originally I wanted to implement my plan from CMC through Meskel square up to Torhailoch road. But they (officials at the city administration) advised me to have the line from St. George Church through Belay Zeleke road up to Dil Ber. I agreed and brought two buses from Russia at the cost of 5 million birr each."

Capital learnt that the line installation won´t take more than six weeks. "I was given a plot of land to construct a trolley bus terminal in Addis Ababa. And I was close to constructing sub-stations on the road to Dil Ber. But there emerged a new idea suggesting we work jointly with the Addis Ababa Bus Enterprise, (popularly known as Anbesa). More on:http://www.capitalethiopia.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=1507:could-electric-bus-soon-become-addis-ababas-reality-&catid=35:capital&Itemid=27 Photo onhttp://www.travel-images.com/photo-ethiopia105.html:


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