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First FLIRT trains for Estonia officially presented by Elektriraudtee and Stadler

First FLIRT trains for Estonia officially presented by Elektriraudtee and Stadler

Estonian passenger transport operator Elektriraudtee AS and Swiss rolling stock manufacturer Stadler Bussnang AG celebrated the official roll-in of the first electric and diesel FLIRT trains to Estonia. The roll in ceremony took place in the depot of the railway company in Tallinn, where Mr. Juhan Parts, Minister of Economic Affairs and Communications, Ms. Kaida Kauler, Chairman of Elektriraudtee, and Mr. Peter Jenelten, Executive Vice President of Stadler Rail Group presented the first vehicles to the public. The delivery of the trains is part of the tender that Elektriraudtee closed successfully in 2010, within the frames of which Stadler will hand over 18 electric and 20 diesel multiple units to Elektriraudtee until the summer of 2014.

"This two trains are the first ones of our park, which would allow Elektriraudtee to make travelling by train a backbone of the Estonian public transportation system," Chairman of Elektriraudtee Kaida Kauler said.

"It is a very unique opportunity for a railway producer to take part in the renewal of the whole train fleet of a railway operator. We are very proud to be part of it, and we very happily present today the first trains to the public. The FLIRT is Stadler´s bestseller train, which due to this contract will be available now in diesel type too", added Peter Jelenten, Executive Vice President of Stadler Rail Group.

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